Pet Surgery
& Anesthesia
in St. John, IN

Pet surgery and anesthesia are crucial elements of veterinary treatment for various operations, from simple spaying/neutering to more involved surgeries.

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Surgery And Anesthesia

Pet Surgery and Anesthesia

We perform many types of surgery at our clinic. Our services range from elective procedures, such as spay/neuter and dental cleaning, to medically necessary tumor removal, bladder stone removal, emergency foreign object removal, laceration repair, gastric dilatation, volvulus repair, and splenectomy. We perform pre-surgical blood work on all of our patients to ensure they are good surgical candidates and to let us know if we should be concerned about any health issues prior to anesthesia.

We understand one of an owner’s biggest fears is having their animal put under anesthesia. We do everything we can to minimize anesthetic risk. Our anesthetic monitoring is cutting-edge. All patients have an intravenous (IV) catheter placed, are on intravenous fluids, and have a warming blanket. Anesthesia is tailored to your pet based on age and medical condition. An endotracheal tube is placed, and your pet is maintained on inhalant anesthesia. Your pet’s electrocardiogram (ECG), oxygen level (SPO2), temperature, respiration, carbon dioxide (CO2) level, and blood pressure (BP) are continually monitored by a surgical assistant, who is devoted to monitoring your pet’s vitals.

After surgery, your pet is wrapped in blankets to keep them warm and comfortable, and pain medication is tailored and administered to ease any discomfort.

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