Pet Behavioral
in St. John, IN

The service of pet behavioral counseling, commonly referred to as pet behavior therapy or training, is offered by experts who focus on comprehending and changing animal behavior.

Pet Behavioral Counseling
Pet Behavioral Counseling

Pet Behavioral Counseling

We want you to enjoy a happy, healthy, and meaningful bond with your pet for their lifetime. Our veterinarians and technicians are available to discuss many basic behavior issues with you. We at St. John Animal Clinic can counsel you on housebreaking issues, chewing, puppy/kitten behaviors, senior dog issues, separation anxiety, feline inappropriate urination, and many other issues. Many behavioral consultations have to start with a physical exam and laboratory tests to ensure we are not dealing with a medical issue. After ruling out medical conditions, we can then offer suggestions that will help you change your pet’s problematic behavior.

We can offer behavioral modification plans, which are sometimes combined with pharmacological intervention to aid your pet’s learning. For more complicated or serious behavioral conditions, we can also refer you to a veterinary behavior specialist.

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