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Pet Digital Radiology in St. John, IN

A diagnostic imaging technique used in veterinary medicine to study the interior anatomy of animals, especially dogs, cats, and other pets, is known as pet digital radiology, also referred to as veterinary digital radiography.

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Pet Digital Radiology

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital radiology is an advanced diagnostic tool we utilize very frequently to assess your dog or cat’s internal organs. At  St. John Animal Clinic, digital radiography is fast and produces an immediate image with greater detail compared to film processing. This technology allows us to show you the image and discuss the findings on the same day. It also allows us to share the images with other veterinarians and radiologists. This non-invasive procedure allows our veterinarians to get an in-depth look at the conditions affecting your pet. We generally do not need to sedate your pet for radiographs unless they are painful or fractious. We employ this tool daily to assess the cardiovascular system and lungs and to look for cancers. We can identify foreign material within the intestines and assess for fractures and other bone diseases, such as degenerative joint disease.

Digital Dental Radiology

Digital radiographs are used to take digital images during your pet’s dental exam. Digital radiographs give us the ability to examine the anatomy of your pet’s teeth, roots, gums, and surrounding bones to look for underlying pathology, such as abscesses, fractures, and alveolar bone loss.