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Pet Urgent Care
in St. John, IN

Pet urgent care is a term used to describe specialized veterinary services that offer same-day medical assistance to animals in need of urgent or emergency care.

Pet Medicine Cases
Pet Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care

St. John Animal Clinic sees patients by appointment. We understand that ailments and injuries are unplanned and need to be treated when they arise. We offer Urgent Care for our established patients to help accommodate them when problems arise, and they need to be seen. In order to continue providing excellent service to you and our patients, we have implemented the following guidelines for our services:

  • If your pet needs to be seen and you are unable to wait, you can drop your pet off. Patients will be seen in the order they arrive; wait times will vary and can be 1-2 hours. If you have a time constraint, you are welcome to drop your pet off, and your pet will stay in line. Please let the receptionist know you are interested in dropping your pet off. A team member will get your contact information for today, have you sign some paperwork, and get a thorough history. This will allow the doctor the opportunity to evaluate your pet and treat it accordingly. We will be in contact with you and let you know when to return to pick up your pet.
  • Please call on the day you are planning to bring your pet in for Urgent Care. We value your time and would like to help alleviate congestion and increased wait time for Urgent Care. We aim to do what we can to see each patient in a timely manner, but depending upon the caseload and severity of each patient’s problem, wait times will vary and can be 1-2 hours. Please call the day you are coming, before you come, to describe your pet’s problem and find out if there is a better time frame to come. There are NO appointment times provided for Urgent Care patients.
  • Urgent Care may not be offered every day that we are open. Please call on the day you are planning to bring your pet in for Urgent Care to be sure it is available. If your pet needs to be seen outside of these hours, and your pet cannot wait until the next available appointment, we can still “squeeze” your pet in between scheduled appointments.

Once you are checked in to Urgent Care, a team member, if available, may help alleviate your wait time by offering to begin your pet’s office call with blood work and radiographs. In addition to your pet’s physical exam today, the doctor may recommend blood work and radiographs to make an accurate diagnosis. These diagnostics are valuable in a wide range of cases, from a pet that doesn’t seem quite like themselves to a pet that is really feeling sick.