Everyone who works here is completely amazing ! Very organized in the chaos of covid ...thank you for doing a great job !

Paula S.

First-time visit. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Buggie and Margaret took great care of our pets! We understand why they have been picked Best in NWI for so many years! Happy to call them our new Vets!

Tim S.

This was our first time bringing our pet to the clinic. We saw Dr. Cooper. She was compassionate & knowledgeable. The staff is also wonderful. Thank you Dr. Cooper, & we look forward to having you help our pet.

Karen I.

I just switched my goldendoodle over to this office after getting mixed recommendations from doctors at her previous veterinarian's office. Charlie saw Dr. Dunn and she was very informative and sweet, answered all of our questions and took the time to explain everything. Charlie will be back, thanks for the great experience 😊 *She is also a female so almost everyone assumes (because of her name) that she is a boy. She had been going to her previous vet since she was a puppy and they still referred to her as a "he." At the St. John animal clinic there was no confusion and they knew she was a female from the get go. It's not a HUGE deal, but it shows that the St. John Animal Clinic put in that little extra effort to make you and your animal feel cared for.

Leah K.

I appreciate the Doctors and Staff here at St. John Animal Clinic. I have tried many different clinics in the past throughout the region and have found the Doctors here are not only very knowledgeable, but sincere in all aspects of your pets' life.

Tammy S.

I can not say enough about this animal clinic! The staff is outstanding. Very caring and helpful. They go above and beyond to help your pet. Dr. Dines and Dr. Sarah were wonderful to my fur baby Midnight!

Laura O.

The Vets are very caring and thorough. I've been bringing my dogs here since 2003. I've always felt comfortable with any diagnosis by the Docs, whenever I had I sick dog.

Carol S.

Just wanted to send a shout out to St. John Animal Clinic. Last week our dachshund Simon started having significant back/leg problems. He is a high anxiety dog and Hates going to the vet! We ended up there 3 days in a row-Fri, Sat. And yes Sun morning. The entire staff was great with him and me! He is on the mend, unfortunately I don’t think he will ever be the hiker dog he was before but we are happy he is with us. Thanks to all the veterinarians, techs and front office staff at St. John Animal Clinic!!

Sue M.

We have been using St John Animal Clinic for 13 years staff is friendly, prices are comparable to all animal clinics in the area but on the price let's be honest when you have a pet that's like family you want them to get the best care. I haven't been to every clinic in NWI so I cant say it is the best but I can say it's the best clinic I know of.

Jeremiah C.

They have been so fantastic with all of our pets including our kitten and gerbil and black lab that they took care of from birth to a grand old age of 16 years. They are always so helpful, accomodating and caring.

Shelley S.

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