Puppy Wellness

Puppy Wellness

The staff at St. John Animal Clinic LOVES puppy visits, but they are more than just fun. Puppy visits give us opportunities to not only counsel you on vaccinations and preventative medications needed for your pet’s puppyhood but to set you and your puppy up for a successful bond. We discuss housebreaking, biting, chewing, and all the frustrating problems which can come with raising a puppy. We will discuss grooming and getting your puppy used to things, such as ear cleaning and nail trimming. Raising your puppy right from the start will help prevent problems in the future. We also utilize lots of love and rewards to make puppies happy to come to the veterinary office. We will discuss spaying or neutering, and when are the most appropriate time for this based on your pet’s breed and any health concerns.

At your puppy’s first visit, we ask that you bring all health papers you may have and a fresh stool sample to examine for intestinal parasites. We also recommend putting your puppy on a leash or in a carrier for their safety.


At your puppy’s first visit, we will work out a vaccination schedule to prevent potentially fatal diseases. We will also discuss other vaccinations needed based on your pet’s anticipated lifestyle. We individually cater recommended vaccines based on your pet’s individual risk.


We recommend that every puppy have a microchip implanted at some time in their adolescence. A microchip is a tiny (about the size of a grain of rice implant) which will permanently identify you as their owner. If a puppy is lost, all animal controls, shelters, as well as veterinary clinics have microchip scanners that can identify who the dog belongs to. We use “Save This Life” microchips, which allow the finder to google the microchip, and the company will call you immediately when your pet is found.


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